Guidelines for Taking Higher Holiday Pictures

Let’s face it: if you went on vacation and didn’t take any photos, did you really even go?! The urge to take a picture of all things “grammable” or to ensure a memory lasts forever is inevitable on vacation. Popular subjects for travel photos include scenic beauty and breathtaking views of the vacation destination, hotel, well-presented food, group photos, selfies, candids, and, of course, photos of historic landmarks and well-known tourist hot spots.

When visiting Henry County, Georgia, and touring the History Has a Name attractions, for instance, travelers often snap pictures of the history offered in the county, as well as the people who shaped this community’s rich impacts.

A place of history, yet with a vision for the future – smartphones and modern digital technology makes it easy to share with the world your discoveries from around Henry County and beyond.

Of course, on your look back, think of the convenience of your device to capture, store, and share photos all from the palm of your hand, and try to imagine what this process must have been like when it involved actual flash bulbs, a dark room with hazardous chemicals to render the photos, and The Pony Express.

You can open your eyes from that nightmare now.

Have Necessary Photography Equipment

When traveling, even with a checklist or after you’ve triple checked your supplies, we’re human – items inevitably get left behind. In spite of these forgetful odds, in addition to the hygiene and clothing essentials basics, social media post trends show the photography essentials often make it to the top of travelers’ lists of equipment.

To ensure as many photos as necessary and desired can be taken, amateurs and professionals agree, travelers should pack at least one or two cameras, if they have an intention of preserving a moment. This means chargers or adaptors should be brought along for each respective device; many people take photos using the cameras on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, so be sure you don’t leave home without its necessary charging device, either.

To streamline the hardware and prospective tangled mess of wires, especially when on the go, you could consider investing in a smart home, singular device, such as ibi.

A review of ibi describes and details its massive storage space, saving photos from phones, computers, USB drives, and social media accounts, as well as your data cloud. What’s more, traveling with a home sharing device, like ibi, is a convenient way to eliminate worrying about whether there is enough space on your mobile devices for taking and saving photographs. To top it off, photo sharing through messaging and social media apps is made easy with a home sharing device, like ibi.

Take Candid Photos

The best photos taken during vacation are the ones that speak the 1,000 words themselves. Looking back on vacation photos, the favorites that always stand out are the ones where everyone appears to be enjoying themselves. If it’s a quality shot, anyone should be able to see everyone in the photos having a good time, all amongst a likely “snapworthy” backdrop, of course!

While getting a group to pose for a few photos during vacation is a common practice that can produce and preserve amazing photos and memories, some people may not want to spend every few minutes of their vacation posing for a photo depicting them engaged in a fun activity, rather than actually engaging in the fun activity. Candid photos of people acting like their natural, unfiltered self can tell a story by producing spontaneous, genuine expressions and actions prime for the capturing.

Nevertheless, posed photos will work for posterity’s sake.

Last Looks

Whether taking a candid or posed photo, a lot of times, participants in the photo will want to review the photos to make sure nothing is crowding the foreground or background of a potentially great photo. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to inspect photos for potential subject matter that may inspire another option.

For example, a vacationing group may take a photo in front of a fountain, only later to discover a rainbow of refracted light captured in the mist. A new photo could be made by cropping everything else out and zooming into and focusing on the rainbow.

With practically limitless opportunities for new ideas and ways to save a moment, a home sharing device, like an ibi, does the heavy lifting for your, consolidating all photos to be saved, and minimizing inspection of determining if they should be deleted, duplicated, cropped, zoomed, or edited into making a new photo.

Best case scenario, a photographer will inspect an area where they want to work well before they begin. Worst case, you discover an accidentally aimed photo gem or backdrop. Bottom line, all of your options are best kept together in one, safe, secure home sharing device, like an ibi.

Don’t leave home or post without it!

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