Out Of The Field Concepts For That East Africa Safari

The aim of everyone when they visit East Africa, which has been rightfully described as the home of the greatest Africa safaris, is to have an iconic experience that will be memorable. Fortunately, the region is a rich natural wonderland with endless attractions and a platform for having the time of your life. As a guest to the region, the only limitation is on how far you are willing to go and the time available to take on its many fronts as an adventurer. On the bright side, there is the assurance that regardless of what you choose to do in the region, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the region and look for the slightest excuse to be back.


In the pursuit of finding what to do on safari in East Africa, we have rounded up some of the exciting activities which could make your wildest dreams a reality. The following are some of the activities which you could consider;

1. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

If you are a daredevil who has an urge to take on the most challenging activities, then climbing Mount Kilimanjaro must be in your bucket list. This dormant volcanic mountain is the tallest in Africa and as such presents a challenge to all mountain climbers. As is expected of a mountain that stands 5,895 meters above the sea level it has distinct zones, each supporting a unique eco-system and varied wildlife.

2. Village visits for cultural immersions

It is not enough to be out in the savannah and have all the breathtaking encounters with wildlife while forgetting about the local communities found within the span of major parks. You can always take the step and have an authentic cultural experience by going to the local communities which coincidentally is where most of the guides come from. For those who are lucky enough, there is the opportunity to be part of the Maasai’s traditional rituals, which is a whole new level of experience.

3. Boat safaris

Most safaris typically focus on having a great expedition on land, but this never means that you can never get to extend these pleasures to the waters. Boat safaris take you deep into the waters allowing you to watch wildlife that spends most of their times in the rivers, lakes, or swamps such as hippos and crocodiles in their natural habitats.

4. Night drives

While there is more clarity during the day and a chance to see lots of wildlife, at night is when the action begins for the nocturnal creatures. If you ever want to see the elusive leopard hunting or the rare pangolin, after the sun sets is the time to put on those adventure shoes.

5. Birding safaris

If birdlife fascinates you, then there is always the opportunity to discover the 1,000 plus species in East Africa by relying on specialist birding guides. These safaris are suitable for everyone regardless of whether you are new to birding or are a seasoned enthusiast who finds great joys studying and being around these winged creatures.

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