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As soon as the Internet becomes a commercially viable platform it was pretty obvious that the gambling world was going to try and use it to its advantage. Indeed, why would it not? The Internet was, and continues to be, the most practical and easy way for people to play a variety of games from the comfort of their own homes, something that makes a huge lot of difference when trying to attract people to the gambling market. Because let’s face it, most people who haven’t sampled a casino atmosphere before will probably prefer to begin their gambling journey at home, in a step that takes far less effort than visiting an actual physical casino. Moreover, these days in the year 2019 online casino has come a hell of a long way since its beginnings at the turn of the millennium. It is, in actuality, a far larger market than regular real life casino gambling, and that is mainly because of the incredible popularity of online slots at Slots Baby.

Oh yes, the online slot industry has steamrollered its way to the forefront of the gambling world in just over a decade, and it is showing no sign of stopping any time soon. Some people may wonder why on Earth these online gambling games are so popular, however, as soon as you start spinning the reels on one from the likes of developers such as NetEnt or Microgaming it becomes very clear indeed. The technological innovation in this industry is almost second to none, as the various developers making online slot titles compete to see how many gamblers they can draw to their games. In fact, it is this healthy competition that keeps the industry moving forward, and it is something evident in the numerous online casino sites as well. They want as many gamblers as possible to make a casino deposit with them, and therefore pretty much every online casino these days will offer some kind of bonus in exchange for gambling with them. Read ahead for a few different online slot bonus offers.

Online casino deposit bonus cashback

One of the most popular online casino bonuses on offer at the moment is a cashback bonus in exchange for depositing a certain amount of money on an online casino site. This was also one of the original bonuses to be proposed, and the fact it is still widely available today is testimony to its timeless popularity. Because who would say no to free money? Especially if it is to be used for online slot gambling!

It works like this: each online casino site giving this bonus offer will specify a minimum deposit to be made in order to obtain it. After you fulfil these guidelines you will be given a specified amount of cash on top of what you have just deposited, meaning that in some cases your overall gambling fund could be significantly higher.

Online casino deposit free spins bonus

Another incredibly popular online slot bonus offer these days gives a number of free spins, again in exchange for depositing a certain amount with the online casino in question. Now, as any avid slot gambler will tell you, there is just no saying no to a free spins offer, as this can often equate to much more money than a simple cashback bonus if you play your cards right.

Again, the way this bonus works is pretty simple, just deposit the specified amount with an online casino offering free spins and you will be granted a special code with which to retrieve your prize. It is certainly worth doing your research here too, because different sites offer different numbers of free spins. In fact, some especially generous online casinos offer a free spin bonus in conjunction with cashback. Nice!

200% online casino deposit bonus

In recent times online casinos have been experimenting with other forms of deposit bonuses, hoping to attract even more gamblers to the cause. One of these, the 200% online casino deposit bonus, has the power to effectively triple your bankroll! Although there are certain factors to consider here, as it’s not quite as black and white as that.

A 200% deposit bonus will reward the gambler double of his original deposit, effectively tripling the amount of money they can gamble with. There is a slight catch though: the money you deposit will go to your real balance, whilst the bonus money goes to your bonus balance. The latter is something that can only be accessed after you have wagered a certain amount of money on the slots, so it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions before getting too excited.

500% online casino deposit bonus

Now, if you thought the 200% online casino deposit bonus sounded good, just you wait until you hear about the 500% online casino deposit bonus, something that well and truly takes it to the next level. As you might imagine, this kind of bonus cannot be found on every online casino site, in fact it is really rather rare, however if you are lucky enough to find it you will be laughing.

The mechanics here are exactly the same as the previous 200% online casino deposit bonus that we explored, only you are now getting 500% of your deposit as a bonus payment. This means you will have a pretty crazy 6 times the amount of money you originally deposited, although remember that this is also subject to some constraints.

Individual online slot bonus features

Up until now we have been focussing exclusively on bonus offers that are given by the online casino sites themselves, however, this is completely ignoring the various online slot bonus features present in the games themselves.

The online slot industry in 2019 is an incredibly healthy position, and this is largely down to the extensive new bonus features that slot developers have been cramming into their games. For instance, you can win a large number of free spins on most games nowadays, and these often come attached to a multiplier too!

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